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At 123 Discount Costumes we feature thousands of discount costumes for men, women, boys, girls, teens, toddlers, and even pets. We are a costume shopping comparison site making it easy to find the best deal on Halloween costumes and costumes for other parties and events.

If you already know the specific costume for which you are looking try entering the costume name in the search form at the top and click the search button. You will be taken to a page with all the discount costumes from the top online costume sites matching your search query and sorted by price. Now you no longer have to browse dozens of costume sites looking for the best deal. Search one site and be done with 123 Discount Costumes.

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Many of the costumes featured are discount Halloween costumes, but we also feature costumes for almost every occassion and holiday. It’s never too early to start planning for your next Halloween costume, so get started today by browsing through our categories to the left.

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If you already know the costume you want, then you can search for it by name using our advanced search feature. You can search by price range, or choose any price and we will show you all the matching discount costumes with the lowest priced ones first. You can also select mens, womens, boys, girls, teens, toddlers, or pets in the costume category field to refine your discount halloween costume search. If you want to see all the results for a specific costume name then use the Quick Costume Search form.

Discount Halloween Costumes For Men

Attention Men: This year it’s time to retire your boring Halloween costume.

Some men seem to have it easy when it comes to finding a Halloween costume. They can just go to their closet and pick out something silly and call it a costume. How about getting a little more creative with your costume this year?

Really impress the Halloween party-goers with one of the unique Halloween costumes for men featured at 123 Discount Costumes. Find costume ideas that are fun and unique, scary, or just go with a classic Halloween costume. We offer thousand of complete discount men’s Halloween costumes for around $20 and up.

Discount Halloween Costumes For Women

While men seem to have it easy, women can spend hours obsessing over every last detail of their Halloween costume. Trying to find the right balance of cute, fun, unique, interesting, sexy (but not too sexy), and original can be a difficult task. It can be especially difficult if you are trying to create it yourself.

Why not save your self some trouble and needless stress this Halloween, and buy one of the thousands of discount costumes for women available online. Browse our selection, or search for a specific costume by name. Order it online and have it shipped directly to your door. Before you decide on a costume be sure to check out Gawker’s post on 10 bad Halloween costumes ideas.

Most of the sites featured at 123 Discount Costumes have an easy return policy in case your costume is not exactly what you are looking for or doesn’t fit right. You should order your Halloween costume early and check each site’s return policy before making your purchase.

Halloween Costumes For Kids

We know trying to find a costume for your kids can be difficult. Will they like it? Do they really want to be a ghost (wear a sheet with two holes in it) again this year? How many hours is it going to take to make it? Save yourself the grief this year, and buy your kid’s Halloween costume online.

We feature thousand of Halloween costumes for kids. Whether it’s a teenager’s costume or a toddler’s costume, a costume for boys or a costume for girls, you can find them at 123 Discount Costumes. Let your kid be the talk of the Halloween party, without having to break the bank, with one of the great Halloween costumes from our partner stores. From superheroes to Angry Birds, you can find the best costumes at the best price at 123 Discount Costumes.

Halloween Costume Safety

It is important to put safety first when buying or creating your Halloween costume. We recommend viewing this warning on Halloween costume safety from the CPSC before buying or creating your own Halloween costumes and Halloween decorations. They have several helpful tips to make sure you have a fun and SAFE Halloween this year.