17 thoughts on “Knights Chronicle Dev notes and new SR to SSR Costumes”

  1. i may log in for 56 days but i wont really play for 56 days. they took too long to make the move. i have Dragalia Lost and now epic 7. LOL

  2. i wanted to quit since the costume update. but i invested so much time (not money) and clearing those hard advents were so satisfying at first (until lily/nikita). You could play around certain teams, mix and match comps. It was actually so fun- and i still remember the first time i cleared Kirstian. But the lack of content and clear cash grabs.. i really didnt want to quit. The char designs are lovely- i Love Kali/ Esna. And the fact that you can have free SSR advents be just as strong (until blatantly banned in advents/pvp anyways) … I even log in for the bonus now and then.. but yeah. time to move on to other games. :/

  3. Can't wait to see your pull video for that new loli Showtimedr! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    I quit when costume released. That very day.

    No new costumes for November? Just free ones? Doesn't NM want money? Or were they not selling well and they gutted their player base for nothing…

  4. One thing in mind, that I hope that the devs will fix is when you "Lock-Unlock"the hero it goes back at the top of you hero chart. its freaking annoying.

  5. awfully disheartening hearing "the majority" of older players have quit/are quitting. I only just started like a week ago and im enjoying the game somewhat for a f2p player ( didn't reroll so just struggling with what little i drew). I can already pick on things they should improve on, like the sorting system for items and heroes but its good to see they are listening to the players who have been playing longer and making changes.

  6. i bought costumes so i dont give a shit about that the crashes are my problem… its horrible on android devices and non existant to apple users and people on emulators barely get any…. thats why i quit. But my friend keeps bringing me back with dev patches promising to fix it hopefully this time they do.

  7. I've never quit but I really just log in to check for updates occasionally do advent runs depending on advent week.

    I was gonna quit for epic 7 but I guess I'll hang around for a we. By no meens will this suck me back in hard but it's a start. Maybe if they have 3 more updates adding features and actual events I'll play hardcore again. For now it's just dmg control they probably saw 0 people logged in yesterday😂

  8. ssr story heroes are nice but… they are the three overpopulated elements, wind/fire/dark. i already have full teams of these elements and having another ssr to waste resources on isnt very tempting. and unless they change their skills, lydia is the only one worth upgrading. leona doesnt have rez, and theo is alright but lacks compared to other fire heroes.

  9. I'm still playing KC because I want to see how low will this game fall or how the situation would be fixed. The arena is a nightmare for F2P players like myself so I've been focusing on PvE content ever since the costumes were added. As of right now, just a boring game.

    Also, you dubbing over the Devs' words whenever Leona was mentioned made me lol so hard 🤣

  10. I agree that the “dev note” planned updates are late… and they seemed more to be quality of life updates which should have been prioritized rather than just thinking about the $$.. yes new players will play KC but they will eventually end up like “us” and it’s just going to rinse and repeat… back to E7 :>

  11. Maybe the once was trashing KC and hurt it's player base was those banned Bittered Cheaters. Hmm…

    the reason I like the game was the anime , 3d , Strategy, animation and I seen it promoted on Gigguk Channel Soo. and I collected lot of 3d Cute and handsome heroes now. It's was satisfying and this is my cup of tea.
    I don't play epic seven because I am already content about this one. You can play all you want epic7 etc… Or KC as long as you were happy and content of what you are doing

    p.s LoliFBI is looking for members! newbies only.. Hahaha. Let's have fun and play together!

  12. I was a week one player. Was never really I whale but made sure to buy most of the packs in the cash shop and spend some money every month to show my support for the game. They lost me with the costume update. The fact that they introduced something that gives a sizeable power boost and can only be aquired with money was the very definition of p2W. I spend a lot of money every month on Fate Grand Order but that game does not even have any pvp, it's just collection game. KC has some pretty competitive pvp, leaderboards and decent rewards for high rankings in the form of gems. Not to mention GvG ( which sucks but it's there). Long story short, I deleted KC from all my devices the moment the realease date of Epic 7 was announced. I gave them a chance and they turned this game into a p2w hell, now I'm gonna spend my free time playing something else.

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